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Use the dedicated terminal to view the Federation Log.

—Tutorial, M01: Outpost

Galactic Federation Logs are short data entries written by personnel of the Galactic Federation outpost on Excelcion. They are accessible via dedicated terminals during Excelcion-based missions in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Similar to the Trooper Logs and Galactic Federation Data of previous Metroid Prime games, the logs give insight into the operations of the Federation there.

M01: Outpost[]

"Galactic Federation Log: Wild Xenoforms
The aggressive nature of Excelcion's xenoforms is unprecedented. It was necessary to install heavily reinforced gates to keep them out."

"Galactic Federation Log: Ice Hopper
This life-form has displayed the ability to travel underground, moving in packs and emerging without any warning.
To ensure the safety of all staff, do not leave base facilities without an escort."

"Galactic Federation Log: Abnormal Outbreak
The rate that the Ice Hoppers repopulate areas we'd cleansed is unbelievable. We suspect that they have made a nest nearby.
We're not presently equipped to handle this kind of situation. We have no choice but to evacuate the base."

M04: Containment[]

Galactic Federation Log: Ice Titan
Close observation of this life-form has revealed that its impressive form conceals a creature that is naturally docile and gentle.
When provoked, however, Ice Titans become exceedingly violent, posing an extreme risk to everyone in the immediate area.

Galactic Federation Log: Decoy
The Decoy device has been proven highly effective against Space Pirate forces.
Interestingly, the Ice Titans of this world appear to be similarly affected by the Decoy.

M11: Uplink[]

Galactic Federation Log: Military Facility Online
This facility has been established with the goal of expanding Federation cold-weather training.
It will also serve as a hub for Federation operations across Excelcion.

Galactic Federation Log: Atmospheric Conditions
The unrelentingly poor weather has prevented another supply ship from arriving. Base reserves are running dangerously low.

Galactic Federation Log: Training Ground
The static turrets used for training have completely frozen. This extreme weather is causing them to malfunction.

Mayday! Space Pirates detected! We're under attack! Systems are failing on multiple levels. All crew evacuate immediat--

M15: Mother Lode[]

Galactic Federation Log: Trams
We've detected small, wild xenoforms within the mines. It's possible that the temperature fluctuations are the cause of this migration. Native xenoforms pose a moderate risk, so defensive armaments have been added to the trams--just to be safe.

Galactic Federation Log: Excavation Report
The mine has shown a marked decrease in productivity, most notably in the quality of the minerals being excavated.
Rather than dig into a deeper layer, the decision has been made to relocate the mine to a new site. Operations at this mine will be shut down.

M19: Incursion[]

Galactic Federation Log: Frozen
The climate on this planet is beyond extreme. The cold outside is actually penetrating our shelters. We can't endure this forever.