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The Galactic Federation Military Transport Hygieia[1] is 07th Platoon's starship. Blue in color, it has the Galactic Federation's seal and was docked in the Main Sector of the BOTTLE SHIP, in the same Spaceport as Samus Aran's Star Ship. At the beginning of Metroid: Other M, Samus examines the seal and is surprised to see that the Federation was already on board the BOTTLE SHIP.

After the credits, it is missing, this is due to the Galactic Federation Army's intervention near the end of the story, which seize most specimens, all corpses and miscellaneous objects. Due to this, it can be assumed that they took the ship as well. Concept art states that it is equipped with plasma turrets and cannons.


It closely resembles the Anhur-class patrol ship. Similar ships are seen outside Galactic Federation Headquarters during a flashback.


In Greek and Roman mythology, Hygieia is the goddess of cleanliness, sanitation and health. Similarly, the 07th Platoon comes to the BOTTLE SHIP to exterminate its dangers.