Metroid Samus Returns Galactic Federation Special Squadron

Metroid: Samus Returns introduction.

The Galactic Federation Special Squadron was a special team of the Galactic Federation Police sent by the Galactic Federation to SR388 to determine if there were any Metroids left on the planet and, if they were to find any still alive, to wipe them out. The special squadron soon went missing, though they survived long enough to transmit a small sampling of data back to headquarters. This data confirmed that there were still Metroids on SR388. The Galactic Federation Council then unanimously agreed to send Samus Aran to SR388 to exterminate the Metroids.

The manual to Metroid II: Return of Samus mentions three separate expeditions to SR388. First, a research vessel was sent to determine if there were any Metroids on the planet. When contact with the ship was lost, a rescue party was sent. After the rescue party arrived on the planet, it too disappeared. In response a special combat group made up of soldiers from the Federation Police was sent to the planet. These soldiers were also never heard from again. The manuals to Super Metroid and the opening cutscene to Metroid: Samus Returns instead only mention a single expedition to SR388.


Their remains are never encountered in Return of Samus, but their bodies can be seen throughout the Surface in Samus Returns. Additionally, they also appear in the opening scenes, which show their arrival and exploration of SR388. When they first arrive, a group of Hornoads can be observing their ship as it lands. Though never explicitly revealed, it is heavily implied that the squadron was killed by a Metroid larva: their bodies are covered in a cohesive substance commonly found near Metroids, and their remains are located on the path leading to the first Metroid encountered by Samus. One body can be found near the first Door Samus encounters, and three more corpses can be found in a camp near where the Scan Pulse is obtained. Three additional bodies are found near the dried out husk of a Hornoad, attacked and drained by the first Metroid larva that Samus encounters, which molts and becomes an Alpha Metroid before her eyes.

Related introduction text[]

Metroid II manual[]

"After serious consideration of how terrible and destructive the Metroid life form was, the Galactic Federation sent another research ship to SR388. This trip was to make sure there were no Metroids left on the planet."

"After a short time the Galactic Federation received an emergency notice from the research base. They had lost contact, and the research ship was missing. The base had already sent a search and rescue party, but after initial contact, the rescue ship was not heard from again."

"A special combat group was assembled consisting of elite soldiers from the Federation Police and was immediately dispatched to SR388. After transmitting their primary landing data, they also were never heard from!"

Samus Returns introduction[]

"Concerned by these developments [surrounding Space Pirates] and by the great threat the Metroid species still posed to the galaxy, the Galactic Federation mounted another expedition to SR388."

"A special squadron of elite soldiers from the Galactic Federation Police was dispatched to investigate. The team soon went missing, but not before transmitting a small sampling of data back to headquarters."