Galactic Federation data terminal

A Galactic Federation data terminal was found in the GFMC Compound during Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It contained a final message from Captain A.C. Exeter of the GFMC Task Force Herakles, explaining what had become of his crew. The terminal is accessed by Samus through inserting her Arm Cannon into a slot on the machine. Samus watches footage of the troops being slaughtered by Dark Splinters. After viewing the message, the terminal's memory core becomes damaged and cannot be used again, forcing Samus to recover individual Trooper Logs from their bodies.


"Object analysis complete.
Galactic Federation data terminal is inactive.
Memory core damaged. Unable to restore access. Seek individual Log entries in trooper armorsuit systems."


"Datecycle 07.014.2 (Cosmos)
Final report, GFMC Task Force Herakles.
Exeter, A.C. commanding.
While on patrol in the Dasha system, we engaged an unknown Space Pirate frigate.
The enemy frigate was crippled, and it crashed on the planet Aether.
We followed the Pirates, but our ship was damaged by a storm as we entered Aether's atmosphere.
Heavy magnetic activity during the storm disabled our comm systems.
Upon landing, we split into two units, one to set up an Ops base, the other to repair the ship.
Each unit was doing fine, no problems...
...until they appeared."


  • Even if music is turned off in the game's Options, the music in the report will still play.
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