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The dropship in M04: Containment.

The dropship flying to the power station.

A Galactic Federation dropship is a Galactic Federation Marine Corps shuttle craft that transports troops from a Federation vessel to a planet. In Metroid Prime: Federation Force, these ships transport the Federation Force from the G.F.S. Aegis to Excelcion, Bion and Talvania, flying above the surface of the mission area. It will then open its hatch and allow the soldiers to jump onto the ground in their Mechs. The Extractor deployed at the end of a mission will take the Federation Force back into the dropship, which will then return them to the Aegis. The interior is similarly colored as the outside, and features the Extractor inside when the troops are being deployed. Sometimes a dropship will appear in tandem with a cargo ship, in missions where the objective is to recover a mission-critical item(s). The dropship has three thrusters, which it uses to accelerate and glide through the air, and several hatches: one at the rear, two lateral hatches for the troops to deploy from, and a lower one through which the Extractor is dropped. In M18: Hightower, the dropship that collects the Federation Force is equipped with missiles, which it fires through the Drill to destroy the Space Pirate HQ on Talvania.