I have uploaded a program to your suit that will purge any traces of corruption in the AU and restore its functionality.

—Aurora Unit 242

Samus uploads the vaccine.

The Galactic Federation vaccine was a technology used in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. After Dark Samus and the Space Pirates successfully stole Aurora Unit 313 from the G.F.S. Valhalla, the Aurora Unit contracted a corruption virus and spread it through the Galactic Federation's core network. The Galactic Federation learned of the virus and shut down the network to stop the damage from becoming irreversible. Soon, they developed a vaccine. The first Aurora Unit to receive the cure was 242 on the G.F.S. Olympus. Samus Aran, Ghor, Rundas and Gandrayda were ordered by 242 and Fleet Admiral Castor Dane to purge the remaining units of the virus and restore the network. Shortly, however, the Pirates attacked Norion, and Dane ordered the Bounty Hunters to rush to Norion's aid. The objective of purging the virus was sidetracked.

Later, Samus traveled to Elysia to destroy the Leviathan Seed there. Her first step to this goal was to restore Aurora Unit 217, the SkyTown facility's Aurora Unit. 242 had uploaded a vaccine program to her Power Suit, but before Samus could upload the vaccine to 217, she was attacked by numerous Tinbots and the now corrupted Ghor. After dealing with her obstacles, she came across a terminal (whose scan named this vaccine as "Galactic Federation vaccine") and uploaded the vaccine through her Arm Cannon. This cured 217, but did not restore the network, brought offline by Ghor.

The vaccine is uploaded through a Gun Socket terminal, and cannot be physically used like a normal vaccine, such as the Vaccine "Metroid" in Metroid Fusion. This points to the corruption virus being digital and not micro-organism. When uploaded, the Event Jingle is heard.


"Insertion point identified. Upload Galactic Federation vaccine via this terminal."


"Vaccine successfully uploaded. AU Phazon corruption level at 0.00%."