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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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Mysterious galactic ruins of an unknown civilization are present in the Extreme Galaxy in Metroid EX. On the outside, the ruins appear in a diamond-shape, split into four sections with a core, and two Saturn-like rings around them. It is called a planet by the Greed Corps.

Greed sought out these ruins after locating a tablet inscribed with the location of the ruins. It also revealed the presence of an ancient treasure of godly might, which he hoped to acquire and use to wreak havoc on the cosmos. The treasure is located behind a large door at the Altar of Judgment, which can only be opened using a sacrifice. Greed intends to use Samus Aran, who is captured and attached to apparatus meant to open the door. Joey Apronika and Diesel break into the ruins to save Samus and disguise themselves as hieroglyphs using dust. However, they are captured along with Greed's general Knight and sentenced to execution.

Joey, Diesel and Knight escape execution and return to the central chamber, where they discover the door open, Samus apparently dead and Greed gone. Bishop, Greed's general, confronts them there and heavily wounds Knight in a deadly battle. Knight kills Bishop before taking his own life. Samus is revived when the Varia Suit and Plasma Beam Data Capsules that Bishop possessed join with her body. A black hole then appears across the universe.

Samus vows to counter Greed on her own, as the animus within the ruins has made her the only being who can. She reveals her true identity to Joey and then follows Greed, discovering that he is dead. The power comes with a choice between the past and the future; Greed wrongfully chose the future. Before the animus destroys the universe, Samus points out that she has not made her choice. She chooses the present, which the animus accepts. It summons a white hole that counters the black hole and restores order to the universe.

Inside the ruins.

Who once resided on this planet is never explained. Though they are not of Chozo origin, hieroglyphic text on the walls resembles their language.

Tablet message[]

"To the one who binds the past and future: the ancient treasure is liken to the power of the gods! Take heed, ye who look upon it! It holds the power to rule the universe! Take heed, ye who touch it!"

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