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The Game Boy Micro (ゲームボーイミクロ Gēmu Bōi Mikuro?) is a handheld system released by Nintendo in 2005. It is a redesign of the Game Boy Advance, but much smaller, with the dimensions 50x101x17.2 millimeters (2x4x0.7 inches).


The Game Boy Micro features not only a smaller design compared to previous Nintendo handheld systems, but an adjustable backlight and removable faceplate. The faceplate in particular allowed the owner many options in personalization, as there were numerous faceplate designs created. This capacity for a customized handheld was Nintendo's primary focus while advertising the Game Boy Micro. The design prevents the ability to play games released for the original Game Boy (such as Metroid II: Return of Samus), to play Game Boy Color games, or to use certain Game Boy Advance accessories such as the e-Reader.

Reception and salesEdit

Reviews for the Micro were largely positive, with many touting the effectiveness of the backlight and the impact the removable faceplate had on customization while effectively protecting the system.[2] However, sales fell short of expectations, with only 2.42 million units sold worldwide by 2007.[3] This is partially a result of advertising, but also resulted from the close timing of release with that of the Nintendo DS.


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