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Game Lobby Screen
Game Lobby

The Game Lobby Screen is a menu in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Set on the G.F.S. Aegis in a docking bay, this screen is where players can create games for their friends or random other players to join. The individual Federation Force members each stand on platforms encircled by a light, the color of which is matched to each respective member. Their names and icons are all displayed below, with a green light beside the name if the player has pressed the Ready button. Above the soldiers, the name and description of the mission is displayed along with a count of how many score medals have been obtained for the mission on a previous run, and the player's highest score. The planet that the mission is set on can be partially seen in the background. While M22: Convergence is set on the Doomseye, Excelcion will be shown in the background if the player has selected that mission.

From this menu, players can customize their MOD loadouts, Paint Jobs and messages for the mission. This is represented in-game by the platform the soldiers are standing on descending into a maintenance area, and then re-ascending once done. If a player has selected the Ready button, a one minute timer will appear in the top left corner of the Nintendo 3DS touch screen. The mission begins once the timer runs out, or all players select the Ready button. When a soldier has readied, they will cock their arm cannon and stand upright. Once all players have readied, a dropship will appear in the background and they will all board it, before a cutscene plays of the dropship flying onto the planet.

Upon return, the soldier(s) will disembark from the dropship and step back onto their platforms. If multiple people are playing, a 30 second timer will appear with the option to continue or stop playing. The first player is able to select another mission. If a player chooses to leave, their soldier character will disappear with a flash. If a new Paint Job was unlocked by collecting enough medals, the camera will zoom in on the unlocking player when they return to the Aegis, followed by a message from General Alex Miles. Otherwise, upon stepping off, the camera will zoom in on the background of space before shifting to the mission select screen (player 1, other players remain on the Game Lobby Screen).


"While on this screen, MODs (page 11), paint jobs, and other features can be customized. Once all players have selected READY, the game will deliver a briefing and proceed to the AUX ammo-selection screen."

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