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Thumbnail for the trailer's reupload to YouTube on March 16, 2016.[1]

Gameplay Movie is the name of the third released trailer for Metroid: Other M. Released on March 30, 2010, it showcases more gameplay than the previous two trailers, and features many new lifeforms and environments, as well as some previously seen footage.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The trailer begins showing a young Samus Aran having her infusion of Chozo DNA, before cutting into an adult Samus wearing her Zero Suit and lying on a hospital bed, the latter of which was revealed to be inside a quarantine room ingame. The BOTTLE SHIP and the Retinal 10 Scan are shown as Samus initiates her Power Suit.

Enemies seen in the trailer include Reo, Mella, Zebesians, Geemers and a Dessgeega. The Griptian, Brug Mass, Vorash, Volfon, Fumbleye, Gigafraug and Himella are also seen throughout the trailer.

Abilities seen throughout the trailer include Wall Jumping, the Power Grip, Morph Ball, Ice Beam, Charge Beam, normal Missiles, the Speed Booster, Space Jump and Screw Attack, as well as several melee attacks. Samus wears the Power Suit for most of the trailer but can also be seen wearing the Varia Suit as well. It is in this trailer that the NES Controller-like controls are demonstrated. Numerous environments are also shown, such as a luscious rainforest landscape in the Biosphere reminiscent of Crateria on Zebes and the Tallon Overworld on Tallon IV. At the end of the trailer, a 3-D recreation of the ending of Super Metroid is shown, where Mother Brain kills the Metroid hatchling, and is in turn destroyed by Samus.

Version differences[edit | edit source]

The Japanese version of the trailer features a few extra seconds of gameplay. First, the short clip demonstrating the Wii Remote controls is slightly different. Scenes of Samus fighting two Space Pirates, using her Morph Ball to roll into a hidden passageway and going into first-person mode in what may be an office have been added. The Super Metroid climax recreation is also slightly different, and the trailer ends showing Samus' Gunship speeding away from Zebes as it explodes.

Interestingly, Samus speaks English in both versions of the trailer.

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Metroid Other M - Gameplay Trailer

American version


Metroid Other M Gameplay Trailer (Japanese)

Japanese version

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