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I already had the basic theory for the Metroid music design in my head, so organizing my thoughts on these questions was very intuitive. Of course, as you mentioned in your question, in this title, there are other hunters such as Gandrayda, Rundas and Ghor, so it was also one of my important objectives to create theme music for each bounty hunter to give players a strong impression of these hunters.

Kenji Yamamoto[1]

Gandrayda[2] is a theme from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes that was later remixed in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It was originally composed by Kenji Yamamoto.



In Echoes, Gandrayda originally served as the boss themes for Chykka in the Dark Torvus Temple. The larval and adult stages of Chykka each use their own version of the theme, respectively titled Swamp Boss Stage 1 and 2.[3]

Swamp Boss Stage 1 is slow and weighty, fitting a creature that size. Much of the melody is sung by a choir, accompanied by light percussion and quiet synths. It shares a similar beat to Amorbis, musically uniting the bug-like bosses of Dark Aether. Near the end of the song, high-pitched notes are heard similar to those heard in Torvus Bog.

Swamp Boss Stage 2 shares much of the same melody and instrumentation as Stage 1. However, it is now faster-paced and features a repeating percussion rhythm like the rapid beating of wings, fitting the Chykka's much more agile adult form. Synths have a greater presence in the melody, which sounds higher-pitched and distorted like the buzzing of an insect. The high-pitched notes at the end of Stage 1 are not included in Stage 2.

Swamp Boss Stage 1 can be heard here: [1] Swamp Boss Stage 2 can be heard here: [2]


In Corruption, Gandrayda acts as the leitmotif of Gandrayda. It is first heard briefly in the cutscene at Generator C on Norion, where Gandrayda dispatches a group of Space Pirates. The full version is heard during the boss fight against the corrupted Gandrayda at the Proving Grounds in Pirate Research.

Gandrayda is also available in the Soundtrack Gallery. On the UK Corruption website, it is known as Track_5 in the music player. It is included in the Samus Archives Sound Selection CD packaged with the Special and Legacy Editions of Metroid: Samus Returns, titled Theme of Gandrayda.

The Corruption remix of Gandrayda borrows elements from both Echoes versions of the Swamp Boss theme, such as the ending of Stage 1 and the rapid percussion of Stage 2. Mystical high-pitched bells and whistles are given much more presence in this remix. The most notable addition is a soft female choir singing a recurring melody from the Corruption soundtrack, heard in other songs such as Rundas-mae and SkyTown. This notably alters the mood of the song, giving it a more graceful and beautiful tone.

The theme of Gandrayda can be heard here: [3]


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