Powerworks Matt Manchester 8

The loose gear returned to its slot in the Powerworks.

Gears are mechanical components that are used in power generation. Some gears play a role in Metroid gameplay, while others are purely an aesthetic part of a room. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, one room in Bryyo Fire features gears as a hazard, and two rooms on SkyTown, Elysia feature gears in a gameplay role.

In the Gel Purification Site room, there is no floor, but a network of gears that process raw Fuel Gel before it is sent to a network for piping. Falling into these gears is hazardous, and so Samus must cross the room via Grapple Swing Points.

In the Gearworks room, Samus comes across a system of large gears that once provided additional power to nearby SkyTown pods, according to their scan. On her second visit, a Space Pirate ATC appears and shoots at the gears, destroying them. This reveals a Missile Expansion that Samus can collect with her Screw Attack. If she is fast enough, she can destroy the ATC and preserve some of the gears, although this requires Hypermode.

In the Powerworks room later on, gears power an ancient but still functional mechanism, but one gear has fallen off. Samus can reattach it by standing on a raised platform, throwing the gear into the air with her Grapple Lasso and then shooting a single Missile at it. The repaired system will reveal a Chozo Statue containing the Spider Ball.


Gel Purification SiteEdit

"Gearworks are used to process raw Fuel Gel before it is sent to the piping network."

Arrival StationEdit

This gear is only scenery.

"Unit is active at a basic level. If lack of maintenance continues, the unit will cease to function."


"Gears system was once part of a larger network that provided additional power to nearby pods."
Gears (damaged)
"Gears have been severely damaged and no longer operate. They are beyond repair."


"Fallen gear appears movable. Cannot get enough leverage to pull from this angle."
Gear system (non-functioning)
"These gears have stopped functioning. A missing section is needed to resume operations."
Gear system (functioning)
"Gear system is active and operational. Despite its age, it is functioning normally."


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