Gel Hall is a room in Bryyo Fire on Bryyo. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This is a large room with a pool of Fuel Gel in the middle that prevents access to the other ledges. A golem fixture is installed on the ceiling, constantly pouring out raw Fuel Gel from its mouth. Samus can ignite it at the right time to burn a Skkale vine, unleashing a platform for Samus to use containing a Missile Expansion. Another can be seen around a ledge, though to access it safely the Ice Missiles are needed to create platforms.

There is a Gel Ray that leaps out of the gel at random intervals. Samus only has a small window of opportunity to scan part of them before they leap back into the gel.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Expansion
After Samus ignites the Fuel Gel bark vine, it will burn up, releasing a platform for her to use. The Expansion is atop it.
Missile Expansion
Around the corner where the platform is, another Expansion lies in a platform above the Fuel Gel. Samus can create a platform with Ice Missiles to reach it safely.


Fuel Gel fall
"Raw Fuel Gel is unstable and can easily be disrupted if hit with a strong blast."
"Golem fixture is stuck in an open position and is constantly pouring Fuel Gel."
Fuel Gel bark
"Vine appears combustible. Its thick bark prevents you from using weapons to ignite it."
Aged Gel Crystal
"Hardened shell seems invaluable to weapon fire."