Gel Purification Site is a room on Bryyo Fire in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This is a small room that acts as a shortcut between the Gel Refinery Site and the Gel Hall. Samus must shoot a red switch to activate a Grapple Swing Point. Then while swinging, Samus must shoot another red switch to activate another Grapple Swing Point. Then after a third red switch is hit, Samus will be able to make it all the way across this room.

The room contains a large machine which features spinning rotors, which sift through the lake of Fuel Gel below them. This machine is part of the Gel purification process, hence the name of the room. The Grapple Points in this room are a method of traversing the room without falling into this mechanism.

Connecting rooms[]


Grapple Point
"Target must be moved into a position to be used as an attach point for the connected system."
Proximity switch
"Proximity switch turns on when approached. Shoot switch to activate connected systems."
"Gearworks are used to process raw Fuel Gel before it is sent to the piping network."