Gel Rays are one of the few creatures which can make their home in the Fuel Gel on Bryyo. They are relatively non-aggressive, and appear in the Gel Hall, Temple Reservoir and Fuel Gel Pool rooms.

They survive on organisms living in Fuel Gel, and on insects above it. They occasionally jump out of the Fuel Gel to catch the insects that are above, hitting Samus if she is jumping over at that time. Scanning them in Gel Hall and Fuel Gel Pool can be quite annoying because they rarely jump out of the gel, only a bit of scanning can be done before it goes back in, and the long wait for it to come back. The time it takes for them to leap out again is drastically reduced in Temple Reservoir.

Physically, it resembles a large ray with a yellow-orange coloring.

Logbook entry[edit | edit source]


Gel Ray

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Morphology: Gel Ray
Passive bioform native to Bryyo. Lives within pools of Fuel Gel.

Logbook entry

Gel Rays are nonaggressive bioforms native to Bryyo. They are one of the few creatures who make their home within the caustic pools of Fuel Gel. The unique exterior and shape of the Gel Ray allow it to withstand and glide through rivers of gel. Their main source of sustenance is small organisms that exist within Fuel Gel, but they are known to occasionally leap out to feed on insects that fly near the gel's surface.

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