The Gel Refinery Site is an open room in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption located in Bryyo Fire, on Bryyo. On Samus' first visit, she must ignite the Fuel Gel on a platform to raise it and make her way to the Main Lift. On subsequent visits, she is able to collapse a pillar to create a shortcut and obtain a Missile Expansion, and follow a Morph Ball tunnel with hazards such as ice blockages created by Rundas, fire blasts and ignitable platforms that send Samus upward with force.

Other features in the room are the Reptillicus that can be battled there, the river of Fuel Gel in the middle, the processing chamber distributing Fuel Gel into the piping, and the stone carved Fuel Gel pumps. As these pumps were made by the Galactic Federation, it is a strong indication that they respect the ruins of the Bryyonians' society.

Connecting rooms[]

View from balcony



Missile Expansion
Samus must enter the room from Gel Purification Site. She must destroy the support for the giant pillar with the Grapple Lasso creating a shortcut, and allowing her to access the expansion.


Sviin'Ka bust
"GF Database accessed. File BY-281
Stonework represents Sviin'Ka, the 2nd emperor of the Dynsha dynasty."
Fuel Gel pumping system
"Fuel Gel pumping system is operational and working at maximum capacity."
Ice formations
"Abnormal energy signatures detected beyond this frozen formation. High-temp Beams could melt the ice."
Exhaust pipe
"Exhaust pipe appears ready to fall over. Support structures are holding piping in place."
Processing chamber
"Processing chamber is constantly distributing Fuel Gel through the piping networks."
Rotational valve
"Rotational valve operational. Ignition of Fuel Gel will activate emergency release mechanism."
Exhaust pipe
"Exhaust pipe badly damaged. Concussive blast to the base of the structure will topple it."
Exhaust pipe support
"Structural integrity of exhaust-pipe supports are at a minimum. Vulnerable to electrograpple forces."


"Jump up to green ledges to perform a Ledge Grab."