General Alex Miles (shortened as General Miles or Alex Miles) is a crucial character in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Miles wears a specialized Galactic Federation Power Suit with yellow accents as opposed to the usual blue. Miles commands the Federation Force from aboard the G.F.S. Aegis, briefing them and providing intelligence as they conduct missions. Beyond this, General Miles' personality and appearance outside the suit is unclear. The character's gender is also unspecified.

In the briefing of M17: Infestation, Miles asks the Federation Force to collect Metroid Eggs for study. Miles's motivations for this request are suspicious, and may be foreshadowing the Galactic Federation's experimentation with Metroids in Metroid: Other M and Metroid Fusion. If an Egg is acquired, a secret ending will be unlocked that shows Sylux hatching the Egg in a Federation facility.


  • In the first footage of the game shown at E3 2015, General Miles' speech was represented with a 2-D icon. This was later changed to a 3-D mobile camera feed in the final game.
  • Miles appears in the Metroid Prime: Blast Ball demo upon loading the game for the first time. Miles introduces him/herself, and asks the player whether they wish to Practice first or play a game of Blast Ball head on.
    • The general also occassionally contacts the player to notify them of having unlocked a new Paint Job.
  • Miles, in commanding the playable protagonist, serves a similar role as Commander Adam Malkovich in Other M and Fusion.


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