This is the heart of the power station. Destroying the central core should take the whole place offline.

General Alex Miles

The Generator (or central core) is a generator that provides electricity to an abandoned power station on the planet Talvania. It is the second boss in Metroid Prime: Federation Force.


M03: Smokestack sees the Federation Force tasked with destroying this Generator, which has been mysteriously reactivated. As a whole, this Generator is highly vulnerable as it takes damage when shot anywhere. It will defend itself by spawning Security Bots and Eyeflyers, and venting excess energy in the form of gas. This gas is toxic to the soldiers, who must seek high ground by jumping onto elevated platforms surrounding the area, which vent the gas. This quickly becomes like a game of musical chairs, as the number of platforms will decrease one by one as the battle goes on. During this time, the Generator will also spawn Sentry Missiles and Grim-Class Turrets on its surrounding walls.

After taking enough damage, the Generator explodes, and the power station ceases broadcasting.