Generator B is the final exploreable room on Norion. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


During the Space Pirate invasion on Norion, Rundas manages to bring Generator B back online for Samus Aran, who activates A and C, in order to activate the defense cannon and destroy the Leviathan headed directly for the planet.

Afterwards, when Samus explores the area, the room is overrun with spent Phazon from the invasion. Having ignored the warnings of the Federation Marine standing near the entrance, Samus continued on to the area she had not yet explored. She finds smashed glass containers along the corridors leading to the main generator, hinting that something was kept near the generator, but escaped or was released during the Pirate attack. Inside the room, a Morph Ball tunnel is covered in indestructible brown growths covered in Phazon spikes and spines, which glow brightly as soon as Samus enters, spawning a Metroid Hatcher from the ground.

Its defeat causes the growths to crack and explode, exposing the generator control center. which, after destroyed, allows Samus to move through the tunnel and collect an Energy Cell. Exploration of this room is entirely optional, as only five of the nine Energy Cells in the game are mandatory to find the Leviathan Command Codes on the G.F.S. Valhalla, and thus complete the game.

Connecting rooms[]

The Metroid Hatcher appears at Generator B.


"Phazon growth exteriors appear to be invulnerable to all weapon systems."
Security hatch
"Security hatch locked shut. Powered by local energy source. Remove the source to open."


  • The generator piston in Generator B can be seen at the very top of the room, but is oddly not deployed, even though Rundas activated it during the Pirate invasion. But it is highly unlikely that anybody has been in to shut it off, because it helps supply power to the base.
  • The generator could have possibly overloaded, and shut down on it's own as a saftey precaution.
  • It is also noted that the room lacks a manual override at the front of the room, and a control booth near the door to activate the generator, unlike Generators A and C.
  • On the path to the generator, Samus finds power conduits running from it, and scanning them states that the generator is inactive and power needs to be restored. Why this is so is unknown, since Rundas, again, apparently activated it, and so it may be an oversight by the developers, or, again, somebody came in and shut it off but again, that is highly unlikely.
  • During the invasion, Dark Room Ambience 2 plays throughout Norion. While it is replaced by Heion1 a month after the invasion, the ambience will still play in Generator B and rooms leading up to it after the Cargo Hub.