Generator Hall North is a room in Bryyo Thorn Jungle in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


When entered, Samus will notice that there is a walkway that is secured in place. She must wait for several Fuel Gel tanks to be transported over it via a wire. When destroyed, the walkway will be knocked down and Samus has access to a pumping station; this pump rotates a circular section in a tunnel in the wall, allowing access to a Missile Expansion. This action becomes useful later in the game - Samus can use this tunnel as a shortcut to the upper level of the room (and thus to North Jungle Court, where a generator must be retrieved with the Ship Grapple) by performing a standard Double Bomb Jump.

Connecting rooms[]



Generator Hall North.jpg

Missile Expansion
Samus must use the pumping station to rotate a disc blocking the expansion, which is in the wall. Samus can then use a Morph Ball tunnel to obtain the expansion.


"Walkway is secured in place by clamps. A very strong blast could probably destroy them."
Stone disc
"Stone disc is rotated shut. Unable to pass through tunnel while disc is in current position."
Stone disc (rotated)
"Stone disc is rotated open. Able to move freely through tunnel. Disc is now locked in position."
Pumping station
"This unit controls a nearby disc mechanism. Operate the pump to rotate the disc."