The Generator Shaft is a long shaft (roughly 16,700 m) below Generator C on Norion. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


After Meta Ridley surprises Samus in the Generator above, the two fall down this shaft, where they battle each other to be the last to die. The battle is timed, and if Samus does not defeat Ridley before she reaches the bottom of the shaft, then a Game Over will result. When Samus successfully defeats Ridley, she will jump off of his body as Rundas saves her from a certain doom.

Connecting rooms[]



  • Presumably, this shaft would indicate that there are also shafts under Generators A and B, but they are never seen ingame. Jumping down them will trigger a Terminal Fall, and Samus will respawn at the top with some of her energy lost.
  • The actual purpose of the shaft is a complete mystery. The fact that it appears to be lined with metal or other artificial construction all the way down suggests that it is some form of mining tunnel containing fuels to power the generator.