The Geothermal Power Plant (also referred to by Adam Malkovich as the geothermal electric-power generator) is a room in the Pyrosphere in Metroid: Other M.

Anthony Higgs first mentions that he and the rest of the 07th Platoon were sent to the Geothermal Power Plant to open the Magma-eruption port to restore power to the Pyrosphere.

Samus encounters the fully matured form of Ridley's clone in this room, after finding the creature's previous form as an empty husk some rooms before. The Power Plant is where Samus is forced to fight Ridley again, and also where Anthony almost dies after being knocked into the lava below by Ridley. The room contains an Energy Tank atop a Super Missile door, though Samus does not need Super Missiles to get it. There are two staircases leading to it. There is also a Grapple Point suspended in midair, leading to a hidden alcove with an Accel Charge unit. A door on the opposite side of the room leads to a large, circular arena where Samus encounters Ridley in his adult form after destroying the Magma-eruption port and raising the lava level.


Dead or Alive: DimensionsEdit

The Geothermal Power Plant is an arena in Dead or Alive: Dimensions, for the Nintendo 3DS, also made by Team Ninja. Unlocked by completing all six courses in Arcade Mode, the arena features Ridley as a stage hazard who will occasionally launch balls of fire at the combatants. If a fighter falls off the stage, Ridley grabs them, scrapes them against the wall, and delivers a KO to them with another fireball. Samus also appears when a sound is made in the microphone, dropping a Power Bomb which switches the location of the combatants.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii UEdit

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Pyrosphere SSB4

The Geothermal Power Plant appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, under the name Pyrosphere.


  • After leaving the "arena" section of the Geothermal Power Plant through a hole Ridley bored into the wall, Samus is seemingly unable to return to that section on account of the hole being too high to reach from the hallway side. However, it is possible to reach the hole via a Shinespark: although the arena is still intact on the other side, an invisible barrier will prevent the player from actually entering.