The Geothermal Power Plant, also referred to by Adam Malkovich as the geothermal electric-power generator, is a room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.



The entrance.

Before the Power Plant, there is a stairwell room with two flights of stairs on either side of a section of wall. The stairs are each lined with fluorescent lights. They lead to a door into the Power Plant itself, and a raised platform with an Energy Tank surrounded by railing. From here, Samus can use a Grapple Point to reach an alcove above the door she used to enter the room, in which is an Accel Charge. The alcove has noticeable blue lighting.

A shield is present at the base of the raised platform that can only be destroyed with Super Missiles, which are authorized in the next room. This leads to an "undershaft" that brings Samus back towards the entrance of the Pyrosphere.

When this room is entered, the name "Geothermal Power Plant" is displayed, indicating it is part of the Plant. The door locks, preventing Samus from retreating.

Power Plant[]

The Power Plant itself is found on a large, round platform suspended over an abyss of magma. The platform is made of grating, and lined around the edge with five pillars that are spread out. A bridge connects the platform to the entrance door, but is destroyed during the ensuing events.

After leaving the "arena" section of the Geothermal Power Plant through a hole bored into the wall, Samus is seemingly unable to return to this section on account of the hole being too high to reach from the hallway side. However, it is possible to reach the hole via a Shinespark. Although the arena is still intact on the other side, an invisible barrier will prevent Samus from entering.


In a previous room, Anthony Higgs mentioned to Samus that he and the rest of the 07th Platoon were sent to the Geothermal Power Plant to open the magma-eruption port, in order to restore power to the Pyrosphere. After she leaves, she proceeds after him.

Samus is accidentally targeted by Anthony's Plasma Gun's laser sight upon entering.

Samus cautiously enters the room, finding it dark. A beam of red light is seen targeting her; when she notices it, she takes aim at a soldier, thinking him to be the Deleter. It turns out to be Anthony, who instructs her to move as he was trying to target a monster inside the room.

Anthony: Samus! Get outta the way! [she moves]

Anthony: Man! Can't see a thing in here. We gotta clear out! Where's the exit at?

Samus searches for the exit, and once she finds it, the bridge she used to cross onto the central platform is destroyed by the unknown adversary. Anthony prepares to attack it with his Plasma Gun until Samus instructs him not to waste the ammunition.

Anthony: We're stuck—this ain't good. Well, only one thing to do, huh? Let's tear this thing up!

Samus: Wait! Anthony! Leave this one to me! Don't waste your plasma!

She then searches for a source of light in order to see what they are dealing with. During this segment, the platform is repeatedly rocked by the creature, who breathes streams of fire, which may cause Samus to lose her focus (if in Search View) or be hit. Once she finds the port, Adam authorizes Samus to use her Super Missiles to destroy it.

Adam: Samus, blast the eruption port to get the magma flowing!

Use your Super Missiles!

The port is opened.

Doing so causes magma to erupt and illuminate the room. Samus searches for their foe, only to discover, much to her horror, that it is Ridley.

In the ensuing scene, Samus stumbles backward as Ridley approaches her, overcome with PTSD. Adam's attempts to reach her, including authorizing the Plasma Beam, fail and contact between them is severed when his earpiece is shot off.

Samus: Ridley?!

Adam: Huh? What the—? Samus! Do you copy? Samus! Samus! Use your Plasma Beam!

Samus: No!

Adam: What's your status?!

Samus: It can't be!

Adam: Samus! Do you read me?

Ridley roars at Samus as she struggles.

Ridley grabs Samus and proceeds to fly around the room, leaving her further despondent and her Varia Suit's stability in flux. Anthony attacks him, causing him to release Samus, who manages to rematerialize her suit before she hits the platform. Anthony prepares to hit Ridley again, which Samus discourages. He is knocked off the platform by Ridley, seemingly falling to his death. Angered, Samus regains her senses and battles Ridley, wounding him.

Anthony: Samus!

Anthony: [Ridley grabs her] Let her go!

Anthony: [Ridley drops her] Hey! Hey, punk! Don't you know how to treat a lady?! Man! You got no style! I think I got to teach you a lesson about subtlety. Come on!

Samus: Anthony, don't do it!

Anthony: Hunh! Come on!

Samus: [Anthony "dies"] Anthony!

As Samus prepares to leave, Ridley rises again and tries to attack her. She evades him, and he escapes through the wall. She takes a moment to look over the edge and at Anthony's bent Plasma Gun, contemplating whether he was conscious as he reached the magma and guilty for being unable to save him. A Grapple Point then appears, allowing her to leave the Plant.

After the confrontation with MB, it is revealed that Anthony survived his fall by freezing a Magdollite in the magma below and then getting to safety.

Samus monologue[]

I wondered if Anthony was conscious as he hit bottom... Unbearable thoughts welled up in me, making me want to get as far away as I could. I regretted not being able to protect him... and I regretted thinking, even for a moment, that he would betray me or fail to come to my aid at the expense of his own safety.

—Samus Aran

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Tank
In plain sight above the stairs in the entrance.
Accel Charge
Samus can reach this in an alcove above the entrance door by using a Grapple Point.
Super Missile
Authorized by Adam after Samus finds the magma-eruption port.
Plasma Beam
Authorized by Adam when Ridley appears. It becomes usable after the cutscene.

Other appearances[]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

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Dead or Alive: Dimensions[]

The Geothermal Power Plant is an arena in Dead or Alive: Dimensions, for the Nintendo 3DS, also made by Team Ninja. Unlocked by completing all six courses in Arcade Mode, the arena features Ridley as a stage hazard who will occasionally launch balls of fire at the combatants. If a fighter falls off the stage, Ridley grabs them, scrapes them against the wall, and delivers a KO to them with another fireball. Samus also appears when a sound is made in the microphone, dropping a Power Bomb which switches the location of the combatants.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[]

Main article: Pyrosphere (Stage)
Pyrosphere SSB4.png

The Geothermal Power Plant appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, under the name Pyrosphere. Ridley's clone appears as a boss on this stage.

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Power Plant[]