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Get Artifact Jingle (アーティファクト取得ジングル?)[1] is a triumphant flourish in Metroid Prime that is heard when Samus acquires a Chozo Artifact. The jingle is about eight seconds long and includes a chorus. It can be heard here: [1]

An extended version of Get Artifact Jingle is part of the track Artifact Shrine (Release of the Chozo Ruins Seal), heard as the Chozo Ghosts open the gateway to the Impact Crater. The version is also in a lower key than the standard version: [2]

Another variation of the extended version is End Jingle (エンドジングル?), which plays as Samus Aran's Gunship departs Tallon IV. The choir in End Jingle is in an even higher key than the standard version. It can be heard here: [3]

The Get Artifact Jingle is also heard in Metroid Prime Pinball when all artifacts have been obtained. It is very similar to the original version from Metroid Prime, albeit with compressed audio: [4]

A somewhat slower remix of the jingle is included in Metroid Prime Hunters, heard when Samus obtains an Octolith. It can be heard here: [5] An abridged version, based on the last four notes of the jingle, is heard when Samus obtains an Alimbic Artifact: [6]

Another version, with a similar chorus to to Artifact Shrine (Release of the Chozo Ruins Seal), is featured in Metroid: Samus Returns, when Samus acquires an Aeion Ability from an Aeion Ability Artifact. This version is titled Special Ability in the internal files. It is used as transition music in the Developer Diary. It can be heard here: [7]


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