Ghor-G is Gandrayda mimicking Ghor. It is the fifth form she will take in her battle. As with all of her mimics, Gandrayda will employ Ghor's attacks, but also weaknesses.

Ghor-G begins by using his rapid spin attack. He will then stop and fire his Plasma Beam laser. During this time, the unit underneath him is vulnerable to Morph Ball attacks. Samus Aran can then attack his head. After dealing sufficient damage, Ghor-G fires off his missile attacks (now with electric properties) before his head becomes vulnerable again. Samus attacks the head a final time before Ghor-G returns to Gandrayda form.

Gandrayda takes Ghor's form one last time as she is dying.


"Morphology: Ghor-G. Shield repels all weapon fire. Lower target appears vulnerable."


  • A glitch can be exploited if Ghor-G grabs a Screw Attacking Samus with her whip and then slams her into the ground. Samus will be stuck in her unmorph animation and can be controlled with the game thinking that she is in Morph Ball form.[1] She has the ability to lay Bombs. If she unmorphs, the game will return to normal. This glitch is no longer present in the Metroid Prime Trilogy version of the game.
  • When fighting Ghor-G, it is possible to make him engage his third phase, though Gandrayda will usually change back before combat.
  • When looking at the model of Ghor-G, it seems to have some errors, as if some parts of the model have been removed. However, this error is not present in the battle.