The Gigadora is three-eyed hatch-blocking enemy in Metroid: Samus Returns.


The Gigadora is a purple biomass with three blue eyes, and it can be found covering doors on the Surface and in Area 1, Area 3, Area 4, Area 5 and Area 7. While it is not hostile and does not attack, it prevents Samus Aran from using any door it grows on. The parasite can only be destroyed with three simultaneous shots to its eyes via the Spazer Beam; if Samus attempts to only shoot one eye at a time with a weaker beam, it will quickly recover. Once killed, the Gigadora drops many pickups and never respawns.

Its name and nature suggest a relation to the Zebesian Gadora creature, an eyeball-like biomass that blocked doors leading to bosses in previous Metroid games. While the Gigadora does not usually guard boss rooms like the Gadora, it can be found guarding the final Omega's chamber.

Official dataEdit

Metroid: Samus Returns Official GuideEdit

DOORS (pg. 26)
"Gigadoras have much tougher skin than Taramargas, so they sit boldly on their doors, unconcerned about attacks. In fact, their skin is so strong that not even Super Missiles can make a dent, so what's a Space Hunter to do? Note that a Gigadora has three eyes. These are its only weakness. If you pick up the Spazer Beam - a Power Beam upgrade that allows you to fire three beams instead of one - you can shoot all three eyes at the same time. That does the trick."
"The best news is that the Spazer Beam can destroy Gigadora-covered doors. Whenever you see those purple, three-eyed creatures covering a door, fire your Spazer Beam at their eyes three times and collect whatever goodies are hidden behind them."



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