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Glacier One is a Space Pirate outpost on Tallon IV. The research facility was established in the Phendrana Drifts region because the cold temperature makes containment of Metroids more manageable. The complex is comprised of two Research Labs: Hydra and Aether, which are connected by a holographic Observatory. A large tank in Aether holds the remains of a failed Elite Pirate conversion, made using one of the crustacean-like Zebesian Space Pirates, as opposed to the reptilian variant that occupied Tallon IV. Deeper into the facility, a Thermal Visor can be found. Shortly after Samus acquires it, however, a base-wide power failure occurs, plunging the facility into total darkness for the rest of Samus' mission on Tallon IV.

Research Lab Hydra

The Super Missile and Thermal Visor upgrades are obtained in the base as well.

The fate of the Glacier One base after Samus' mission is unknown. Unlike other Pirate bases in the series, Glacier One is never seen being completely destroyed by Samus. However, a scan in Corruption states that Tallon IV's ecology is returning to normal, suggesting that the Space Pirates abandoned the planet some time between the two games.

Scan[edit | edit source]

Glacial Wastes
"Research outpost Glacier One in Phendrana Drifts region of Tallon IV's mountains is operating at 85% capacity. Sub-zero temperatures have made the Metroids sluggish and easy to control, even those well into Phazon infusion cycles. Cold containment status are sufficient for the juveniles, but some of the larger Metroids have been moved to quarantine caves for safety purposes. Security doors remain an issue, as malfunctions due to ice occur everyday. Large predators in the wastes are also a concern, as they continue to kill personnel and breach secure areas. Unfortunately, it has become clear that our containment teams cannot neutralize all of them without a vast increase of munitions and soldiers."

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