Samus targets Super Zebesians through a glass wall in Metroid: Other M.

Glass is a transparent solid that is often used in construction of windows and panels, and can be fragile or reinforced. It is frequently seen throughout the Metroid series in an environmental capacity. However, it also serves a role as an obstacle.

Glass tubes appear in Maridia and Chozodia (ship's large glass tube) in Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission, and must be destroyed using a Power Bomb to access the rest of Maridia and Crateria.

The Control Capsule that Mother Brain uses is a form of glass and can be destroyed with Missile or Super Missile fire. It is said to be constructed through molecular transference of Zebetite in the Metroid Manga.

Grobnite is a glass-like element, which appears in the Sanctuary Entrance as a wall mixed with Denzium that can also be destroyed with a Power Bomb.

Containment units in the Xenoresearch Labs on Eastern SkyTown, Elysia are made of glass and can be shattered once an Energy Cell that powers them is removed, although this has the consequence of releasing numerous Phazon Metroids that were in captivity.

Glass is also present throughout Metroid: Other M as a barrier, often blocking sensors. When Samus acquires the Wave Beam, this problem is negated as it can penetrate the glass and shoot the sensor through the glass. An example of this is when Samus activates the Materials Transfer Lift. Before this, Samus becomes trapped in a section of the warehouse in the Cryosphere by glass walls, while Super Zebesians begin to attack her. Adam Malkovich authorizes her to use her Wave Beam to dispatch them.

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