Gliders are docile, airborne creatures found in Metroid Prime. Their fairly flattened bodies give them an appearance that is superficially similar to that of manta rays. They have a unique magnetic signature attuned to common Grapple Beam technology, allowing them to act as a Grapple Point. The Glider has spawned the sport of "Glider riding", which involves attaching to a Glider and attempting to ride it as long as possible. However, when Samus uses her Grapple Beam, they immediately stop moving the moment they're connected to her.

In-game, Gliders are found in the Phendrana Drifts and Phazon Mines, in the rooms Phendrana's Edge, Frost Cave and Fungal Hall A and B. They are used to traverse gaps which cannot be crossed with only the Space Jump Boots. Freezing one with the Ice Beam will help Samus keep it where she desires to swing. Gliders are one of the only creatures in Metroid Prime that do not hurt Samus on contact.

Gliders were originally intended to be Rippers, as seen in the 2D Metroid games. This is evidenced by the fact that Gliders are referred to as Rippers within the game's data, and by the presence of an unused alternate model for Gliders which heavily resembles a Ripper. The Glider was likely created to replace the Ripper when Retro Studios decided to make the wildlife of Tallon IV more original (including changing Magdollites to Magmoors and Metarees into Shriekbats).

With good jumping techniques, it is possible to stand atop a Glider. Interestingly, some unused scan images depict Samus atop one.

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Morphology: Glider
Docile, airborne creatures with unusual magnetic properties.

Logbook entry

Gliders live a relatively peaceful existence. They have a magnetic signature attuned to common Grapple Beam technology; the sport of 'glider riding' involves using a Grapple to attach to a Glider, then attempting to stay on it as long as possible.


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