The "sport" of glider riding is a sport that involves exploiting the magnetic properties of a Glider to Grapple Beam onto it as long as possible, similar to bull riding. Samus Aran, who has had an enormous amount of physical training, appears to be able to Grapple Gliders indefinitely, lest she swing into a wall, in which case she will lose her grip and fall. As the sport appears to be well known, it is likely that Gliders are present on other worlds.

Curiously, when Samus grapples onto it, the creature remains immobile until she detaches herself from it, making Glider riding seem like a relatively easy sport.

Some unused log scans can be accessed in Metroid Prime through hacking, and one of them portrays Samus riding on top of a Glider, though it is actually possible to get atop one using good jumping techniques; this may be another form of Glider riding.

Logbook entryEdit


Metroid Prime

Logbook entry

The Glider is a docile, airborne creature with unusual magnetic properties. Gliders live a relatively peaceful existence. They have a magnetic signature attuned to common Grapple Beam technology; the sport of 'glider riding' involves using a Grapple to attach to a Glider, then attempting to stay on it as long as possible.

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