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"Gorea's lair" is the final room on the Oubliette and in Metroid Prime Hunters. Only accessible if the Alimbic Prophecy was fulfilled, this is where Samus defeats Gorea in the second phase of their battle.


The lair appears to be entirely made out of a tree, with several platforms circling around the interior. Ultra Energy Capsules are placed in different spots, as well as Jump Pads to ascend the tree. A large blue arena at the top serves as a suitable point for Samus to finish Gorea off. The arena appears to be composed out of mostly dirt and blocks of rock. It is medium-sized, and looks to be based upon Alimbic aesthetics. The atmosphere appears to be covered with a green smog of sorts, which may represent gas or radiation.

Shortly after arriving in this room, Samus receives a transmission from her Gunship that says:

Gorea's defensive capability has increased dramatically. No weapons currently equipped in the Power Suit are capable of penetrating its armor. Intense gamma radiation has been detected on the lower floor.


This hints at something on the lowest floor. Upon descending to the base of the room, Samus finds an Artifact Shield holding the final weapon of the game: the exceptionally powerful Omega Cannon. The shield automatically lowers when Samus nears, allowing her to obtain the weapon. From there, she can navigate the room using the Jump Pads and platforms, firing at Gorea until it explodes.

How Samus escaped the Oubliette following Gorea's death is unknown, since she came to its lair via a portal.

Connecting rooms[]

Gorea's lair can be seen through a window inside the "cache", where the Oubliette's only Energy Tank is stored.



Omega Cannon
Found at the bottom of the room.

Official data[]

Metroid Prime Hunters Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

GOREA - PHASE 2 (pg. 67)
"After you destroy Gorea, you'll be transported to a different area, where you'll find that Gorea has taken a new form. The only weapon that's effective now is the legendary Omega Cannon.
Another Round (pg. 67)
"After you receive a transmission from your ship, drop to the ground floor and search for what looks like a dark blue Artifact Shield. Inside it you'll find an awesomely powerful new weapon, the Omega Cannon. After you use it to hit Gorea a few times, the boss will flee to the top of the structure. If you're low on health, switch back to your Power Beam, find an open spot and shoot down Gorea's projectiles to earn recovery items. When you're ready for the ultimate battle, use the jump pads to climb the structure, and use your Omega Cannon to destroy Gorea once and for all."


A multiplayer map of the Oubliette.

A stage based on this room, named Oubliette, appears in the multiplayer mode of Hunters. To unlock the stage, Gorea must be killed in its second form. Its second form's battle music is used as the main theme on this stage.

None of the six Affinity Weapons are found on the stage, although there is some Missile Ammo to collect. However, the Omega Cannon can once again be obtained, but this time at the apex (top) of the stage. The Cannon is used up after a single shot, and must be picked up again before being fired. A Cannon shot will instantly kill any Bounty Hunter it hits, and then explodes upon contact with any solid object into many small fragments of light, each of which deal significant damage to any other hunter on contact, generally killing that hunter. This also means the Omega Cannon can cause many accidental self-destructs.

The Omega Cannon's presence makes an Oubliette match a sort of "King of the Hill" game, as the hunters race to grab and defend the Omega Cannon from the others. The stage can be selected for several modes, but the Omega Cannon only appears in Battle.