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Grab Ledges are parts of ledges made of magnetized materials that react with the materials of Samus Aran's Power Suit. They send an energy surge through her left arm and into her suit that gives her the strength to pull herself up over high areas or into tight spaces; the latter will force Samus into her Morph Ball form as she enters them. The ledges are often put in places where Samus cannot jump onto or into, and allow her to reach them. Grab Ledges are only found in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and seem to replace the Power Grip from Metroid: Zero Mission, as they allow Samus to perform mostly the same actions the latter item would enable, though instead of relying on specific ledges, the Power Grip indefinitely allows Samus to grab onto any ledge. These Grab Ledges have a bright green coloration, and some of these can be skipped by using the Screw Attack, especially on Elysia.


Official data[]

Onscreen tutorial[]

"Jump up to green ledges to perform a Ledge Grab."

Logbook entry[]


Grab Ledge

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Structure identified: Grab Ledge. Jump forward to grab on to ledge and automatically pull yourself up.

Logbook entry

Certain ledges are composed of unique magnetic alloys that react to your suit. By jumping toward and grabbing onto them, a surge of energy will course through your suit and allow you to pull yourself up. Ledges that shimmer green are able to be grabbed on to.


  • The Grab Ledge was criticized by some reviewers; one UK magazine's review claimed that the Grab Ledge's inclusion was "puzzling" and said that the game designers could merely have lowered the height of the ledges. However, the Grab Ledge becomes part of the story's events as Samus uses one in Transit Station Leviathan. In doing so, Samus turns around and is ambushed from behind by the Pirate Commander.
  • The Grab Ledges are most likely the developers' way of paying tribute to the Power Grip.
  • These magnetized ledges are one of the few ways of aiding Samus in pulling herself up. Zero Mission allows this action through the Power Grip upgrade and Metroid Fusion through the loss of weight in her Power Suit; the latter is supported by Zero Suit Samus' natural ability to climb a ledge in Zero Mission.
  • Metroid: Other M also features a sort of Grab Ledge, but this time it is striped with yellow and black. Some of these ledges are attached to walls, so Samus can hang onto them. These ledges can be found in such rooms as the Swamp Zone, Desert Refinery, "Ghalmanian shaft" and Sector Generator Room. Despite the presence of these special ledges, Samus can in fact grab onto nearly any ledge in the game.
  • In a beta trailer for Fusion, Ladders had a striped yellow and black appearance, so the Other M depiction could be a reference to this.