Gragnol Hive

A Gragnol Hive is a biomass serving as a home to the Gragnols of Bryyo. An abandoned hive is found in the Fiery Airdock room on Bryyo Fire in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

As Gragnols are similar to War Wasps, the Gragnol Hive is presumably the same as a War Wasp Hive. However, unlike the War Wasp Hive, this hive is indestructible and much, much larger.

Smaller hives can be found in Ruined Shrine in Bryyo Cliffside. However, these hives are inhabited and will spawn Gragnols until destroyed with Samus Aran's missiles.


Fiery Airdock
"Structure: Gragnol Hive. Scans indicate no activity within. Hive has been abandoned."
Ruined Shrine
"Structure: Gragnol Hive. Bioforms detected within. Vulnerable to explosive blasts."


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