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The Grapple Crossing[1] is a room in Norfair, seen in Super Metroid.


The Grapple Crossing is a large volcanic cavern with few artificial structures; although there is no lava present, it does have extreme heat that makes it dangerous to navigate without the Varia Suit.

There are two main areas of the Grapple Crossing, divided by a large rock column and a Shutter. The first section is populated by Funes, and Samus Aran must cross by jumping between four suspensor platforms that move up and down. The second section features Grapple Points over a large bed of metallic spikes (with a few Pit Blocks to fall through); while it is possible to cross this area before defeating Crocomire, it is strongly recommended to have acquired the Grappling Beam first to make it easier.

If Samus fails to cross the suspensor platforms or Grapple Points, she falls down to a lower area of the room. She must exit through a Blue Door on the left and try again by reentering the room through the upper left door. Successfully traversing the Grapple Crossing leads to a small room containing the Wave Beam.

Connecting rooms[]

Two doors on the left (one Blue Door and one Red Hatch) connect to a vertical shaft populated by Alcoons. A Red Hatch on the right connects to the Wave Beam's chamber.



Missile Tank
A Missile tank is located on a pedestal just beyond the Shutter.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"Jump on the suspensor platform, blast the locked door and jump to the rock ledge. The final crossing requires the Grappling Beam."