A Grapple Point in the Magmoor Caverns from Metroid Prime

Grapple Points or Grapple Swing Points are special points to which the Grapple Beam can attach, allowing the user to swing across otherwise impassable areas.

Metroid Prime series[]

After the Grapple Beam is acquired in the Metroid Prime games, Grapple Points appear as special icons on Samus's Visor. Gliders can also act as Grapple Points, and are identified by the same icon.

A BRRES model of a Grapple Point from Metroid: Other M

The Grapple Point Logbook entry cannot be obtained by the Scan Visor until the Grapple Beam itself or, in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the Grapple Lasso is acquired. If it is scanned before the Grapple Beam is acquired, a placeholder scan will be displayed instead, informing Samus that she requires an upgraded movement system to use it. However, in all versions of Metroid Prime, by moving the crane in Main Quarry and moving it back to its original position, the Grapple Point suspended from the crane is able to be scanned for its research entry, even without the Grapple Beam.

In Prime, Samus cannot fire her weapons while swinging on the point, but she can in Echoes and Corruption.

In early footage of Corruption, Grapple Points were called Grapple Targets.[1]

2D Metroid series[]

Super Metroid features specific blocks for usage with the Grappling Beam, along with Pit Block variants that will disappear. The blocks are referred to as "hooks" in Super Metroid Players' Guide. Super Metroid, Rippers and Ripper IIs are viable grappling points as well. It is compatible with any ledge that could normally be grabbed otherwise (for a brief time) in Super Smash Bros. games.

Grapple Points also appear in Metroid: Other M, and are alternatively called grappling hooks. They glow two different colors. Before the Grapple Beam has been authorized, the Grapple Points will glow red, indicating that Samus may not use them. Afterwards, they glow green to show that they may be used. Deactivated Grapple Points can move into a useful position when reactivated, if an enemy presence in the room that restricts their use is removed.

Two types of Blocks with Grapple Points appear in Metroid: Samus Returns. Blue Grapple Points function like traditional Grapple Points which Samus can latch her Grapple Beam to allowing her to swing or pull herself up shafts. Red Grapple Points appear on Pull Blocks which can be pulled with the Grapple Beam in a manner similar to Grapple Blocks. Some Pull Blocks are moved to open paths while other are destroyed. Grapple Points and Grapple Beam Blocks (as they are now called) also appear in Metroid Dread.

Zeta Metroids and the Queen Metroid in Samus Returns have organic Grapple Points on their bodies indicated by a red light like those on Pull Blocks. Samus can grapple these points when the Metroids have been incapacitated. They exist on a Zeta Metroid's back, and in the Queen Metroid's mouth as a "tongue". Grappling a Zeta will pull it down to the floor from the ceiling, and grappling the Queen will bring her head to the ground, allowing Samus to roll into her mouth and lay a Power Bomb.

Logbook entries[]

Metroid Prime (before reobtaining Beam)
"Analysis indicates a viable attach point for the Grapple Beam. Your Grapple Beam was damaged from the explosion on the research frigate and cannot currently be used."
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (before reobtaining Beam)
"Object scan complete
Analysis indicates a viable attach point for the Grapple Beam.
Grapple Beam module missing. Unable to attach to grapple point at this time."
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (before reobtaining Beam)
"Scan complete. Unable to use this object with current suit upgrades."
Grapple Point scanpic.png

Grapple Point

Metroid Prime

Logbook entry

Analysis indicates a viable attachment point for the Grapple Beam. To use the Grapple Beam, use GC L trigger.gif/Wii Z button.png.

Grapple Beam scanpic.png
Grappling scanpic.png

Grapple Point

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

System: Grapple Point
Unit is a viable attach point for the Grapple Beam.

Logbook entry

To use the Grapple Beam, use GC L trigger.gif/Wii Z button.png when the Grapple Point symbol.png icon appears. You can fire your weapons while attached to a grapple point.


Grapple Point

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Scan complete.
Target is a viable attach point for the Grapple Beam.

Logbook entry

To use the Grapple Swing, lock onto the Grapple Swing Point with Wii Z button.png. Release Wii Z button.png to let go. You can fire your weapons while attached to a Grapple Swing Point.



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