Using the Grapple Voltage to drain energy (indicated by a blue beam).

The Grapple Voltage is an upgrade for the Grapple Beam and gives Samus Aran the ability to either siphon energy from or give energy to objects and creatures. This ability is similar to the energy-draining abilities of Metroids. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and is obtained after defeating Gandrayda.

If Samus siphons energy from something, she gains health, and if she gives energy, she loses health. Giving up energy is a useful gameplay mechanic - Phazon enemies can be overloaded and explode, and later into the game, Samus is practically required to lose energy via this method. The Grapple Voltage can also be used to drain energy from certain enemies (like Shield Pirate Troopers or "Dragoon" Battle Drones) which can be grappled. In some cases Samus needs to drain energy into special terminals to power down shields blocking doors.

Enemies are killed much faster if they are overloaded with energy than if all their energy is siphoned away - however this is usually a very inefficient method in combat, as even the lowly "Dragoon" Battle Drone requires almost a full energy tank to kill.

Like several power-ups in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it has a Hypermode counterpart, which is called the Hyper Grapple.

Official data[]

On-screen tutorial[]

"The Grapple Voltage ability is used to give or take energy from certain objects.

Grapple the power coupling while locking on with Wii Z button.png and casting the Nunchuk forward.

While still attached, pull the Control Stick down Wii stick down.png to siphon energy from the coupling."'

Inventory data[]


Grapple Voltage

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Inventory entry

The Grapple Voltage ability allows you to give or take energy from certain objects.
Press and hold Wii Z button.png while targeting a Grapple Point Grapple Point symbol.png to attach. While still attached, pull the Control Stick down Wii stick down.png to siphon energy and push the Control Stick up Wii stick up.png to send energy.


The Grapple Voltage ability is tied into your Suit's power. Draining energy from an object will replenish yours and sending energy into an object will drain energy from you.
Objects in the environment that shimmer can be given energy or have it taken away.


  • Purple-colored "Grapple Voltage Doors" are shown in the key of the map, but there are no such doors in the map or game.
  • In Normal Mode, due to the differing rates of energy absorption/emission into Voltage doors - specifically absorption is about twice as efficient - Samus can utilize Voltage terminals to slowly but surely regain all her health by alternating charging and absorbing, as long as the Voltage door is not completely drained or energized. This will not work in Veteran or Hypermode, as in Veteran the rates are identical and Hyper the rate is in fact higher (causing increased life loss if repeated).