Our champion used a device that made moving through liquid like moving through air. The Ing have taken it. If you wish to explore Torvus freely, you will take it from them!

A-Voq, referring to the Gravity Boost.


The Gravity Boost upgrade on Samus.

The Gravity Boost is a Luminoth technology once used by A-Kul, the champion of Aether. Developed during the war, it negates the effect of liquid hindrance on its users. At some point the Ing stole this device and sealed it within the deepest part of Torvus' flooded temple. The Ing most likely took it after they killed A-Kul in the Sky Temple Grounds.

Samus Aran reclaimed the Gravity Boost power-up in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It helped Samus move through the water with ease and let her do a triple Space Jump underwater (it actually makes her float, but it does the same job.) It was located in Torvus Bog, at the Hydrochamber Storage Room. When Samus collected it, she had to fight the Alpha Blogg, which was the guardian of the item (presumably a trap left by the Ing to those who would steal from them).

Grav boost

Gravity Boost - Dark Torvus Temple.

The Gravity Boost has a similar effect to the Gravity Suit in other games in the series as liquids no longer hinder movement and vision is improved in comparison to before. In addition, the upgrade grants an additional third jump that allows Samus to further access specific areas underwater with it when possible. The Gravity Boost also functions in the waters of Dark Aether, however Samus will not sink into them without the Light Suit.


Hydrochamber Storage

Item form.

While just about to fight the Chykka at the Dark Torvus Temple, if Samus steps into the Dark Water around the larva's shell while firing the Seeker Launcher, for the rest of the battle Samus will have water physics, allowing use of the Gravity Boost, until Dark Water collides with her again.

Official dataEdit


"An attachment that clips snugly onto the back of Samus's Dark Suit, the Gravity Boost allows her to float in deep water."

Inventory dataEdit

Gravity Boost

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Inventory entry

The Gravity Boost eliminates the effects of liquid on movement.

Samus's Notes

While underwater, press and hold GC B button/Wii B Button after performing a Space Jump to activate the Gravity Boost.
While using the Gravity Boost, you will slowly rise and move through a liquid environment.


Gravity Boost

Samus uses the Gravity Boost out of water.

  • In one cutscene, after Quadraxis's head is destroyed, she used the Gravity Boost to jump away from the exploding head. This is contradictory to the fact that it is exclusively for underwater use.
    • However it is possible she was using her suit's Thrusters (which are used as part of the Space Jump Boots) and it just looked like she was using the Gravity Boost as her Thrusters are apparently incorporated with the Gravity Boost.
  • When Samus acquires the Light Suit, the Gravity Boost merges into her back leaving no visible trace, and she is still able to perform the ability. This is likely to demonstrate that, unlike the Dark Suit, the Light Suit was designed specifically for Samus by U-Mos - the "ultimate blend of Chozo and Luminoth technology".
  • Metroid Prime: Federation Force features a similar ability with the Federation Force. They are able to fly in midair with a booster, used to traverse large gaps. This is handicapped by a Hover Gauge.