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Gravity well

A gravity well is an attack used by Nightmare in Metroid: Other M, during the second battle against it. Having activated the Gravity Feature while escaping Sector Zero, Samus is no longer slowed down by Nightmare's extreme gravity, forcing Nightmare to use this attack. After sustaining damage, Nightmare will explosively launch a black and red energy sphere into the air, which will suck in any shots Samus fires at Nightmare no matter how far away she is from it. Contact with the gravity wall causes Samus to lose 35 energy units.

However, if Samus positions herself so that Nightmare is between her and the gravity well, her weapons will be able to hit Nightmare without being affected by the well. After a period of time, the well will explode. Nightmare does not use this attack during the first battle, or the later skirmish in Metroid Fusion, because Samus does not have the Gravity Suit during those battles.

Metroid: Other M Premiere EditionEdit

Page 129
"If Nightmare creates a gravity well, it will begin to suck all your beams into it. When it does, position yourself on the opposite end of the well so that Nightmare is between you and the well. Fire away and Nightmare will accidentally intercept your damaging blasts as they get sucked into the gravity well!"
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