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Gray Space Pirates,[1] also known as blue pirates,[2] are a stronger variant of Zebesian Space Pirate in Metroid: Zero Mission.


The gray Space Pirates can be found exclusively aboard the Space Pirate Mother Ship landed in Chozodia. They only appear once the Ruins Test has been completed and the Fully Powered Suit has been recovered; therefore, Samus Aran does not need to worry about encountering them during the Zero Suit stealth segment.

Gray Space Pirates attack in the same manner as the ordinary red Space Pirate. However, this version is highly agile, incredibly powerful and far more durable. Unlike the red variant, they are only vulnerable to Beam attacks, and are therefore completely immune to Bombs, Missiles, the Screw Attack and Spin Jump Attack (to which Samus will receive contact damage if either is attempted), and other Pirate's beam attacks. Additionally, they cannot be frozen with the Ice Beam and their armor negates the Plasma Beam's piercing effect, therefore preventing the beam from inflicting greater damage.

Only one or two gray Space Pirates may be found within the same room. Because they can quickly overwhelm and kill Samus (especially in Hard Mode or Low Percent Runs), it is recommended to ignore them wherever possible. However, Samus is forced to fight a pair of gray Space Pirates guarding the escape-ship bay. Great care must be taken in fighting them, since dying will force the player to repeat the Mecha Ridley battle and countdown sequence. Once the gray Space Pirates are killed, the doors will open and allow Samus to access an Escape Ship.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

245: POWERED-UP PIRATES (pg. 84)
"Returning to the pirate ship, you'll encounter azure-shaded pirates for the first time. The blue meanies are able to withstand several beam shots, and missiles bounce right off them. If you don't have to fight a blue pirate, run away. If you do have to defeat the beast, be persistent and keep blasting."


  • Gray Space Pirates are comparable to Silver Space Pirates and Gold Space Pirates from previous games, as an elite uniquely-colored Zebesian variant that resists Samus's weaponry. They all share a somewhat similar battle strategy as well.
  • Gray Space Pirates will not follow Samus into adjacent rooms. Instead, an ordinary red Space Pirate will emerge from the door behind her.
  • Revealed via Debug menu, the gray Space Pirate is only vulnerable to the Plasma Beam and any combination of beams associated with the Plasma Beam, such as Plasma and Wave Beam equipped (interestingly, they are immune to Plasma Beam Spin Jump Attacks). Using only Plasma Beam shots to destroy them, a single gray Space Pirate takes exactly 24 uncharged shots without the Long, Ice, and Wave beams equipped; 18 uncharged shots with both the Long Beam and Plasma Beam equipped; and 6 fully charged Plasma Beam shots (5 if Long Beam is also equipped).
  • Gray Space Pirates are completely immune to the effects of water (as seen via Debug Menu).