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Gray Voice (グレイ ヴォイス Gurei Voisu?) (also translated as Grey Voice) is a Chozo from Zebes only named in the Metroid manga, though he seems to have originated as an unnamed Chozo in the Super Metroid comic. He may have also made an appearance in the Japanese endings for Metroid Fusion. He was likely the second Chozo depicted in the drawing that Samus was shown to have made in Metroid: Zero Mission, with the other Chozo presumably being Old Bird.


Gray Voice is usually seen alongside Old Bird, such as in Samus's drawing at the Top of the ruins. This suggests that like Old Bird, he played some role in mentoring Samus during her time on Zebes, which is also supported by his role in the non-canon Metroid prequal manga. Gray Voice was possibly the Chozo who donated his Thoha Chozo DNA to Samus alongside the Mawkin warrior Raven Beak, which would make him a surrogate father of Samus.

Like Old Bird, his current status is unknown.

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

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Non-canon Information[]

Beliefs do not fade away.

—Gray Voice

Gray Voice was one of the Chozo who found Samus on K-2L. Gray Voice objected to allowing Samus to stay on Zebes after she was orphaned on K-2L, but agreed that there was no alternative. He was close with Old Bird, but when Zebes was under attack he pretended to assist Mother Brain in allowing the Space Pirates to take control of their home planet, becoming a leader with her. The two of them offered Samus a leading position, though she refused.

In the end, Gray Voice turned against Mother Brain and the Pirates, staging an attack on her while equipped with Chozo battle armor, although he acknowledged that the Space Pirates might retain control of Zebes regardless. Gray Voice later fought Ridley and was killed in the ensuing battle when Ridley used his tail to impale Gray Voice and then finished him off using his plasma breath.

Attacking Mother Brain in ancient Chozo armor.

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Gray Voice's last words to Samus.

  • Gray Voice is one of two characters in the Metroid series that have acted as a surrogate father to Samus, the other being in a way Commander Adam Malkovich.
  • The manner in which Gray Voice was killed by Ridley was given a brief reference in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via Ridley's Down Special Skewer, as well as in the trailer A Piercing Screech where Ridley killed Mega Man by impaling him in the chest with his tail.
    • On a similar note, the manner in which Ridley finished him off resembled the Plasma Scream Final Smash.
  • In the climax to Metroid Dread, it was revealed that Samus carried two Chozo DNA strands, one for Thoha and one for Mawkin.[1] As the Mawkin DNA explicitly came from the main antagonist Raven Beak, it is implied Gray Voice was responsible for the Thoha DNA. This also means Gray Voice was ultimately responsible for Samus retaining her human form after getting the Vaccine "Metroid" procedure in the beginning of Metroid Fusion, as Raven Beak, while posing as ADAM, indicated that the procedure under normal circumstances would have immediately turned Samus into a Metroid and that her Thoha genes slowed the process of transforming into a Metroid down significantly.
  • In a flashback in Metroid Dread, the silhouettes of two Chozo can be seen in the background of the Body Adaptation Machine, with one Chozo being notably taller and thinner than the other. While unconfirmed, it is likely that the taller Chozo is Gray Voice.


Notes and references[]

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