For the Great Temple on the planet Zebes, see Chozodia.

The Great Temple is the primary stronghold of the Luminoth on Aether. It is where the Luminoth retreated from the Ing Horde, and where all remaining Luminoth besides U-Mos rest in stasis. When Samus arrives on Aether, the Great Temple is the last Luminoth Temple that holds a full Energy Controller. After Samus returns energy from a Dark Energy Controller to its Light twin, a portion of this energy is directed to the Great Temple by beam. The Great Temple is guarded by U-Mos, the current Sentinel of the Luminoth and the only active member of the species. After defeating Dark Samus and escaping Dark Aether, Samus travels back to the Great Temple, where she is greeted by a group of revived Luminoth and presumably returns all of the Luminoth technology she acquired on her mission to its original owners before teleporting back to her ship. Its Dark Aether version is the Sky Temple.

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