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You're crying. How beautiful. Memories? Courage? The power of the heart? I hate those words. Lies! That's what they are!


Greed (グリード Gurīdo?) is a major antagonist introduced in the final chapter of Samus & Joey.


Following the Body Snatcher's defeat at the hands of Samus Aran, Greed appears and mocks her words of courage and persistence, and then attacks her. Samus mistakes Greed for her arch-nemesis Ridley, who was of the same species as Greed. Greed collects her abilities in Data Capsule form, extracted from the Ability Disassembly and Conversion Device, and reveals his plan to use them for galactic destruction. Greed takes off for the Extreme Galaxy, challenging Samus to pursue him to a "special place" for her to die. Days later, Samus, Diesel and Joey Apronika prepare to leave in her Gunship to go after Greed.

Greed serves as the main antagonist of the sequel manga, Metroid EX, where his defeat of Samus has earned him respect among criminals across the cosmos. They gather under him and form a paramilitary organization known as the Greed Corps, which works closely with the Dominion to wreak havoc on the universe. Samus's pursuit of Greed places her into often physics-defying situations to recover her stolen abilities from six entities he calls the Deadly Six Stars, all of which get destroyed by her.

In reality, this was a distraction from Greed's real plan. When Samus re-encounters Greed in chapter 9 of the manga, he reveals his true motivation: avenging the destruction of his race, for which he holds Samus responsible. Greed explains that his race had been the leaders of the Space Pirates for generations, and Samus destroyed this when she killed Ridley. To this end, he uses her as a sacrifice to access a destructive power in the ancient galactic ruins. Inside, Greed summons a black hole that begins to consume the entire universe. An animus in the chamber gives him a choice between the past and the future. Greed, desiring power, chooses the future, although this is apparently the wrong choice. Samus enters the chamber afterwards to discover him being torn apart.