An Ice Griptorax.

A Griptorax is a burrowing creature in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, with two variants - Fire Griptorax and Ice Griptorax. The Fire Griptorax is present on Bion during M05: Excavation in the ruined chambers, and the Ice Griptorax on Excelcion during M19: Incursion. Both types of Griptorax burrow themselves into the ground and quickly launch back up, rolling around when on the surface similar to Zoomers and Geemers. A Fire Griptorax will spit a burst of lava at the Federation Force, similar to a Burrower. Fire Griptoraxes also appear in M12: Last Stand, where they are spawned as distractions by the Rohkor Beetle.

Ice Griptoraxes will not spit anything when coming out on surface level, but will instead throw themselves at the Force with a charged roll akin to a Griptian, or the Spin Dash used by Sonic the Hedgehog. In Incursion, they are spawned before and during the Ice Titan battle as a distraction.

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