Grobnite is a solid substance only mentioned once in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. While at the Sanctuary Entrance, Samus can scan a rectangular block of glass that guards access to an Elevator. Using the Scan Visor, the contents of the glass are said to be "laced with Grobnite and Denzium". Since this is the only instance in which Grobnite is mentioned, it is safe to say that Grobnite may be a glass-like element (assuming that the Denzium is mixed in with the Grobnite). Grobnite is not indestructible, however; while containing Denzium, which can be destroyed with Power Bomb, the Grobnite glass is cracked by Space Pirates (Pirate Commandos presumably, since they were located at the Sanctuary Entrance when Samus Aran arrived at Sanctuary Fortress).

Glass tubes that are vulnerable to Power Bombs appear in Maridia and the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It is unknown whether or not they are made of or contain Grobnite.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Structural analysis complete. Panel is laced with Grobnite and Denzium. It has been weakened with numerous strikes from Pirate weaponry."

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