The Gunnery Station is a room aboard the G.F.S. Olympus in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption that serves as a place to monitor two Mk XIII "Twin Hydra" Multiturret rail cannons. However, this corridor also serves two other purposes: the first of which is to provide access to Command Lift B from MedLab Delta. The second is to provide a room in which those who have a PED installed to test out their Hypermode weapons on the five mounted Phazon Targets first seen by Samus Aran in MedLab Delta, the room from which the station is entered. When destroyed, these plates will leave behind pickups for Samus to replenish her energy after using it in Hypermode. There are also 3 Galactic Federation Crates which always leave behind Ultra Phazon Units. As such, Samus is often encouraged to use Hypermode here. After she wakes up from her coma, Samus will also find a Federation PED Marine who thanks her and the Bounty Hunters for their efforts.

Connecting roomsEdit



Mk XIII "Twin Hydra" Multiturret
"Mk XIII "Twin Hydra" Multiturret. Unit has 4 rail cannons ready. Unit's targeting system is engaged."
Phazon Target
"Mounted panel is invulnerable to standard weapons, but can be damaged by Phazon-based attacks."


  • The room's name is shared with two scannable objects in the Command Bridge.
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