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Gunship Multiball is a Mini-Game in Metroid Prime Pinball. Like the Clone and Phazon Multiball Mini-Games, Gunship Multiball requires Samus to send the Morph Ball up the yellow arrow-marked ramps to score as many Jackpots as possible.

The Mini-Game is activated by launching onto the top hatch of Samus Aran's Gunship on the Tallon Overworld table. The ball will shake in place for a moment before entering the Gunship, then the front of the Gunship will open and release the ball and two extra balls. It is not known to be able to open like this in the canon Metroid series.

Once several Jackpots are scored, Samus can enter her Gunship to get a Super Jackpot. Gunship Multiball ends when only one ball remains on the table.

A compressed version of the multiplayer theme from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes plays during Gunship Multiball.

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