The system when active.

The Minigyro Chamber in the Sanctuary Fortress is powered by a Gyroscopic system. The Scan Visor reveals that the gyroscopes, part of an energy production system, has been running for 30 cycles prior to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. In order to safely pass through them, Samus has to deactivate them.

There are four, color-coded gyroscopic rings in this system. The colors are amber, cobalt, crimson and emerald. Samus must use correlating Bomb Slots in that order to deactivate each ring so she may safely pass through the gyros without harming herself. If Samus scans a terminal with instructions for deactivating the rings after doing so, it will state that the system will remain offline until an official review by the Luminoth is conducted. Presumably, this occurs after Samus destroys the Ing and allows the Luminoth to come out of stasis.

Larger gyroscopic rings are part of the main Dynamo in the Main Gyro Chamber.


"Object scan complete.
This is a gyroscopic ring.
Unit is part of an energy production system. It has been running the same process for approximately 30 cycles. Appears to be in automated mode: manual bypass mode may be used to override function."
Control panel (online)
"Gyroscopic system engaged.
Safety systems online.
Safety lockdown code is as follows:
Control panel (offline)
"Gyroscopic system disengaged.
Safety lockdown in effect.
Security override activated. Control of gyroscopic system offline pending official review."


  • Three of the colors in the gyroscopic system, amber, emerald and cobalt, are also the colors on various Luminoth Lore Projectors and Translator Doors that Samus cannot translate without upgrades to her Translator Module. The fourth color is not crimson, but violet.
  • It is likely that the gyros are part of the overall energy production system that powers the Sanctuary Fortress.