Hacker Mode

Hacker Mode enabled for the first player (top screen).

You've been Hacked!

—message displayed on Samus's visor.

Hacker Mode is a feature exclusively in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Multiplayer.


This power-up can only be aquired randomly by stepping into a Randomizer. Used like the Scan Visor, the player can hack the Power Suit of another player and begin draining their Energy. It also causes the hacked opponent's visor to become filled with static for the duration of the energy drain. The downside of this power-up is that the player using it is very vulnerable, as while it is being used, regular weapons and the Morph Ball cannot be used. Also, the player that has been hacked will appear to other players as a cloud of static in the shape of Samus. In a one vs. one match, Hacker Mode is instantly disabled once an opposing player is successfully Hacked (after which, the Scan Visor will automatically switch back to the Combat Visor). In a 3 or 4 player match however, Hacker mode will stay active even when an enemy player has been hacked. This allows for multiple enemy players to be Hacked in one go of the item, though it is possible to hack the same player twice in one run. (Samus cannot hack a hacked player immediately. She must wait until the Hacked player finishes recovering from said hack to be able to Scan/Hack the same player again.)


  • In the Gamecube version, when Hacker Mode is obtained, "Scan Visor" can be seen on the bottom of the obtaining player's screen and the Visor icon is switched in and displayed.
    • This would make the Scan Visor the first and only time it is obtained via 'item acquisition' and is not already available by default.
  • Hacking the Scan Visor in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Multiplayer will not yield the same results. Only the color of an enemy (blue) and a quick split second scan will become available (similar to some scans available in Single Player). If Hacker Mode is acquired whilst using the Scan Visor, the effects will properly activate and deactivate (while still keeping the 'Scan Visor').

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