Half Pipe

Samus using a Half Pipe in Ancient Courtyard.

A Half-pipe is as suggested a half of a pipe that has been sealed almost seamlessly. They appear throughout the Prime trilogy and can be climbed by using the Boost Ball.

The technique is a simple one, to "climb" the half pipe Samus must simply boost toward one side, then as she returns to the center of the pipe, she must boost again in the opposing direction. The idea is to gain momentum which will launch Samus above the half pipe, to a ledge or to any Morph Ball mechanism that will lead to further exploration. The Half-pipe appears in all the Prime games, and is detected by Samus' ship once she has acquired the Boost Ball. It is often grafted into the landscape as a decoration, or as an actual Pipe half. It appears mostly in areas of lush flora and fauna, or other decorative rooms on Planets. Kinetic Locks on SkyTown, Elysia are similar.

Official dataEdit

Scans (Metroid Prime)Edit

Ruined Shrine Half-pipe
"Stonework in sample region has been refined to atypical smoothness."
Tallon Canyon Lichen
"The stone surface this lichen grows on appears too smooth to be natural."
Phendrana's Edge Chomper Fish
"This fish appears to be frozen under a sheet of extremely smooth ice."

Scans (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)Edit

Gathering Hall Half-pipe cover
"Structural analysis complete.
Floor covering is composed of transparent Denzium. Attacks from the local creatures have weakened it considerably."
Gathering Hall Half-pipe grate
"Structural analysis complete.
Grate contains Denzium. Exposure to the polluted waters of the bog have weakened its structure."

On-screen tutorial (Echoes)Edit

"Use the Boost Ball to gain momentum on a half-pipe."

Steambot BarracksEdit

"Vertical traversal unit requires a kinetic charge to activate. Unit is currently offline."

Logbook entry (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)Edit


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Structure identified: Half-pipe.
Boost inside this structure to gain momentum to reach high areas.

Logbook entry

Half-pipes are U-shaped channels with incredibly smooth surfaces that Samus can boost along. Charge the Boost while descending in a half-pipe and then release the Boost as you ascend the opposite side. This will allow you access to areas that are too high to reach otherwise.


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