The Halfturret.

The Halfturret is the Alt-Form of the Space Pirate Bounty Hunter Weavel.


Because of the cybernetic enhancements made to Weavel's body, he is able to split himself in two. The upper half moves about using Weavel's arms like legs, while the lower half takes up a kneeling position and rapidly (and accurately) fires Battlehammer rounds at nearby enemies from a cannon at the waist. The upper half can also attack by leaping and swinging the energy scythe attached to Weavel's right wrist. This is called a Halfturret Slice, when the kill by such a move is described in-game. If killed by the Battlehammer shots, the death is simply ascribed to "Halfturret".

The upper half of the Halfturret is about the same size as Samus Aran's Morph Ball, which allows it to pass through passageways that are ordinarily too small for Weavel. Weavel's energy is split evenly between the two halves. If the turret takes damage, the top section also takes damage. However, when the top half takes damage, the turret is not affected. When Weavel returns to his bipedal form the two halves will automatically become one again at the location of the top section. Any energy left over from the turret will be added to his total energy in his bipedal form.

Upon Weavel's turret energy being depleted, his lower half will be destroyed, leaving his top half with 1 energy. At this point Weavel can choose to initiate his bipedal form as he normally would. This would leave him with 1 energy, but splitting into the Halfturret again afterward can create an additional 1 energy to be used with the Halfturret. Assuming that Weavel's turret takes no damage, he can then initiate bipedal form and be left with 2 energy.

Logbook entryEdit


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Cybernetic enhancements allow WEAVEL's body to detach from its mechanical lower half and convert into the HALFTURRET alt-form. The arms provide locomotion for the upper body, while the legs are equipped with powerful projectile weaponry.


  • Despite the Battlehammer being Weavel's affinity weapon, the Halfturret fires only non-affinity Battlehammer rounds.
  • If the lower half of the Halfturret is destroyed, Weavel is still capable of restoring his lower body along with a single unit of energy.
  • The fact that the lower half can return to Weavel over any distance suggests that it is equipped with some form of teleportation technology. To further support this, the lower half, if frozen, can return to Weavel with no ice around his lower body.

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