The Hall of Remembrance is an open room located in the ice region of Bryyo. It is where Samus obtains the Screw Attack.


The room is very large, and its most characteristic features are two massive statues of De'la the Chozo and N'ge the Reptilicus. It is the only notable room in Bryyo Ice. The statue of De'la depicts the Chozo presenting the gift of knowledge to N'ge, which may be the item in the room; the Screw Attack.

Initially, Samus can use her Space Jump Boots to traverse some ice pillars to the platform where the Screw Attack is held. After the Screw Attack is collected, a cut-scene occurs, where the pillars collapse, and the hand of the statue De'la that shined a blue light over the Screw Attack's platform will be raised.

After this, Samus must go through the Tower to reach the upper level of the room, where she may fire a strong blast at the hand of the statue, which rotates and becomes a temporary platform. From the hand, a Ship Missile Expansion can be reached. Should Samus fall from the upper area, it is impossible to land successfully on the Screw Attack platform below, as the game registers Samus as having fallen, and therefore died before she can land there. It is possible to Screw Attack back to the door Samus entered from, thereby bypassing the Tower, which leads to another route back to Bryyo Ice's exit.

On either side of the doors on the first side of the room, there are two statues that depict Gslyss, a major clan of Bryyo.

Though the room may seem at first to be open to the air, it is in fact an indoor room, as evidenced when fog effects are disabled in the game: [1]

Connecting rooms[]


Screw Attack
See above.
Ship Missile Expansion
See above.



Statues (1)
"GF Database accessed. File BY-551. These statues represent Gslyss, a major clan and house of Bryyo."
De'la statue
"Statue represents De'la and the first Chozo gift of knowledge bestowed upon the Reptilicus."
N'ge statue
"Statue represents N'ge, the first Reptilican emperor to receive the gift brought forward by the Chozo."
De'la hand
"Blue disc on the palm appears to be a control mechanism. A strong blast could probably activate it."
Statues (2)
"GF Database accessed. File BY-552. Statue was built to honor peace on Bryyo after the Great Schism ended."
"Control lever is connected to Blast Shield lock. Pull lever to disengage the lock."